Conference Interventions Publishing

Best Conference Interventions will be chosen by the scientific committee of the 2nd international conference:

 Evaluation of scientific publishing in Algeria in the light of the international experiences   

to be published in C & B classified scientific journals by ASJP platform of Algerian scientific journals

Strategy and Development Review
Class: (ب) B
Strategy and Development Review is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, Bi-annual and free of charge, open-access journal published by the Faculty of Economic, Commercial Studies and Management Sciences- Abdelhamid Ben badis University – Mostaganem, Algeria

Journal of Politic and Law
Class: (ج) C
Journal of Politic and Law is an international,double-blind peer-reviewed, bi-annual and free of charge, open-access journal published by by Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla, Algeria

El Mawrouth
Class: (ج) C
“”El Mawrouth” is an annual, non-profit international scientific journal  published by the laboratory of literature and language Studies at the Mostaganem University “Abdelhamid Ibn Badis” in Algeria
     Sports Creativity Journal
Class: (ج) C
A periodical scientific journal that is free, publishing & accessible (reading and downloading) and indexed in international databases, issued by the Institute of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities at the University of Mohamed Boudiaf, Messila, Algeria, every 6 mounths (June - December).