The scientific publishing is the ultimate purpose of scientific researches and studies. They are tools to spread science and knowledge. Furthermore, they contribute to the accumulation of knowledge it self. Hence, universities, laboratories, studies centres, and researchers tend to publish their studies in different scientific and academic publishing platforms such as journals and books, which play an essential role as information sources. Scientific publishing is also the basic infrastructure for establishing and developing higher education and scientific research. As well as, it reinforce international standards of universities and enhance research institutions'classification.

Although the continuous efforts and endeavours to promote scientific publishing in Algeria, they collide with many challenges and obstacles. First of all, the lack of commitment to the internationally accepted scientific publishing standards in Algeria, which negatively affected Algeria’s journals classification within international journals with a high impact factor. Second, the monopoly of the classification of periodicals and journals by certain institutions depending on unfair and unattainable conditions rather than the quality of scientific publishing. Besides issues directly related to the interests of the researcher, which mainly linked to the relationship of scientific research, professional and academic progress.

Many scientific journals and periodicals have appeared in recent years in the field of scientific publishing in Algeria.It was a positive start; however,with time, there has been a need to value these journals. The considerable number of scientific journals overshadowed the quality and the standards of publications.

This reality poses a challenge. In the intertwining of these data of the national and international evaluation system with those difficulties and challenges specific to the Algerian scientific environment, it has become necessary to discuss this reality in order to come up with solutions and mechanisms for its advancement based on the following questions:

  • How robust is the system of evaluatingscientific publishing in Algeria?
  • To what extent is the scientific publishing in Algeria evaluated?
  • What are the most critical difficulties we face?
  • What is the mechanism for its advancement?